Visión Sevilla 2022

"Seville is the capital of a dynamic Autonomous Community, a pioneer in technology and sustainability that has also experienced an exponential professionalisation in recent years in all sectors of the economy, where the real estate sector has a very important weight, with great prospects for the future."

José Félix Pérez-Peña | Director Andalucía

At Savills our purpose is to help improve the future of cities through real estate solutions, understanding real estate as a new sector - innovative, sustainable and with a positive impact on society.

We create relationships through the spaces in which we live and work, through urban planning, in a historic city where, as in other markets, it is necessary to progress in the use of data and technology.

With Savills Visión Sevilla we provide a differential vision of the city and its real estate potential, bringing together all the uses and indicators of the city's Real Estate sector in a digital and interactive platform.

A vision of the present and of the unbridled future prospects that we want to share with everyone in order to shape a new real estate sector, committed to people, cities and their sustainability at a key moment to attract investment and national and international capital willing to invest in the long term.

Feel free to contact us, we will be happy to provide you with any further information you may need.

"We have a vibrant and very attractive city, with great national and international recognition for tourism, for businesses in many different sectors, for people, and for investment."

Irene Giménez | Directora Sevilla

The economic data are favourable: a reduction in unemployment, rising tourism, the constant creation of new companies and the commitment with important investments in Seville.

Seville is a unique city, pioneering sustainable initiatives and at the forefront with innovative projects such as eCitySevilla, Cartuja Qnat, Emasesa's urban regeneration initiatives and green corridors, the new Pítamo development, Tablada dock, Altadis or the restoration of Artillería as a centre for cultural creation.

At Savills we see great opportunities in Seville in four main areas related to the development of the city: culture and education, sustainability, urban regeneration and tourism.

But we must continue to evolve and we have challenges and opportunities ahead of us in all real estate segments: residential, hotels, offices, retail, logistics and alternative segments such as student residences.

At Savills Visión Sevilla we collect all the data and current status of each property use as a starting point and the reference of the city's real estate market from which we have already embarked on an exciting journey.

Feel free to contact us, we will be happy to share and expand our vision and the current and future challenges and opportunities in Seville's real estate sector.