Seville is consolidating its position as a historical market for logistics use, with a significant demand from end users that secures it in the medium and long term.

Vicente Bernabé | Director. Industrial & Logistics

The logistics segment, as in the rest of Spain, has experienced exponential and stable growth over the last few years.

The increase in e-commerce, driven by the impact of the pandemic, has increased the volume of capital invested in finished logistics products and land for new developments in the most recent period in Andalusia, turning it into a national focal point.

In 2021, €2.6 billion were invested in logistics in Spain. The figure represents 24% of the tertiary total, gaining almost 17 basis points in share compared to the historical average.

Evolution of the distribution of logistics investment in Andalusia
Distribution of logistical stock
Project pipeline

With 1.9 million inhabitants, the province has the highest population concentration in Andalusia and one of the largest in Spain. Its geographical location, as a hub connecting Cadiz, Huelva/Portugal, Cordoba and Granada, makes it particularly suitable for logistical activities.

These activities are concentrated in three areas:

• Central Area: Freight Transport Centre (CTM) and the ZAL
• Eastern Area: Logistics warehouses scattered along the A-92 motorway and the Carmona Logistics Park on the A-4
• Southern Area: La Isla Industrial Estate and the Megapark Industrial-Logistics project (both in Dos Hermanas).

All of them are located near the A-92, A-4, S-30 and S-40, which facilitates connections and access to the rest of the province, the region and the rest of the country.

The logistics stock is low and shows, in general terms, a significant quality deficit. Most of the existing stock is old and does not meet the current needs of logistics operators or retailers, especially for e-commerce activities.

There is currently a significant supply of land available to develop logistics projects, however, speculative development is beyond the intentions of developers.

Logistics rents (non-industrial logistics use) range from €2.9/sq m/month in older but well located assets to €3.6/sq m/month in newly developed warehouses. This range does not include turnkey or cross dock projects, as it is not possible to establish a comparable average value due to the uniqueness of each project.

The interest of investors and developers to consolidate the future of this market is strengthening.


  • General increase in logistics activity in general.

  • 2.6 billion invested in logistics in Spain in 2021.

  • Top investment market in Andalusia from 2017 to 2020.

  • Increased interest from courier/parcel and food operators.

  • Launch of new projects in the outskirts and north of the city.

  • Seville is a reference location in southern Europe, a key transit and storage point for West Africa and the Canary Islands, as well as Andalusia.