Visión 2022

Featured projects

Altadis project

Surface area of the project: 28,659 sq m.

Main use: Mixed

Objetive: Undertaking of a mixed-use complex with a luxury hotel, offices and a large multi-functional space

Estimated investment: 200M€


Surface area of the project: 2,083,426 sq m.

Main use: Residential+public (open spaces and local facilities)

Objetive: Development of more than 9,700 housing units that will form a new neighbourhood, with approximately 531,000 sq m of open spaces and facilities.

Estimated investment: 1.100M€

Muelle project

Surface area of the project: 60 hectares

Main use: Mixed

Objetive: Mixed-use complex for residential, commercial, leisure, cultural and sports facilities. This is in addition to converting a maximum buildability of 140,000 square metres for advanced service uses and 82,000 square metres for residential uses (open market and social housing), and a further 16,000 square metres for tertiary uses, including a terminal for cruise ships, yachts and megayachts.

New neighbourhood "Cruzcampo"

Surface area of the project: 24 hectares

Main use: Mixed (Residential+public)

Objetivo: Construction of a new neighbourhood with more than 2,000 housing units (800 social housing) and various public facilities (police station, school and sports facilities).

Green Logistics Seville

Surface area of the project: 120,000 sq m.

Main use: Logistics

Objetive: Development of energy-efficient and multi-purpose logistics platforms.